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How to lock a PDF document from being printed

By on Apr 4, 2014 in Adobe Security, PDF protection

    Whilst Adobe Acrobat and similar PDF creation/manipulation programs let you set file permissions to lock a PDF document from being printed, these permissions can be easily removed.  A simple search on Google for the term ‘remove pdf password’ produces loads of applications that will remove printing restrictions for a small sum or for free.  If you...

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Is Your PDF Security Software Just Snake Oil?

By on Oct 19, 2009 in Adobe Security, PDF DRM, PDF protection

  Many vendors offer PDF security software to protect PDF documents.  Most PDF security software claims to be able to prevent coping and/or printing, or claims to be able to apply PDF security controls to prevent the document from being distributed across the Internet.  But have you ever asked yourself whether the PDF security software you are purchasing really...

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What is the Best Way to Protect PDF Files?

By on Oct 12, 2009 in PDF Copy Protection, PDF protection

  For those publishing to the web, making sure that they adequately protect PDF files is a necessity.  But how do you know what constitutes “adequate protection?”  While this answer can vary depending on the type of information being published, the short answer is that to protect PDF files you need to be able to control for a variety of activities.  ...

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PDF Protection is Quick and Easy with LockLizard

By on Oct 5, 2009 in PDF Copy Protection, PDF protection

  There are few things more frustrating than getting new software that takes weeks to fully understand and use.  If you are in need of PDF protection software that can be quickly installed and easily used, LockLizard Safeguard software is for you.  Our PDF protection software has been specially designed so that non-security experts can easily use it. With...

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LockLizard Provides Security for PDF Files

By on Sep 28, 2009 in Adobe Security, PDF protection

  When information being published to the web has many man hours invested, contains critical or confidential information or is meant to generate revenue, ensuring security for those PDF files is essential.  eBook publishers and eLearning professionals need to be particularly vigilant about ensuring security for their PDF files.  If you have been searching for...

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