PDF Security for document protection

How Your Business Can Benefit from PDF Security

How Your Business Can Benefit from PDF SecurityAlmost every quarter, organisations across the globe stand to lose approximately between $1 billion and $200 billion from economic espionage.  It may be shocking to wonder why the vast range but the answer is even more alarming: over 75 percent of IT specialists across various firms are unaware of the kind of files, PDF documents, information etc. that leaves their companies, unauthorised or unaccounted for, hence it is extremely difficult to estimate the true casualty of a data infringement.

It is quite a direful scenario, especially since every organisation is compelled to share PDF documents or word files with confidential data in some form or the other with authorised third party associates, internal teams etc.  Another unknown fact that not many are aware of is that data breaches take place across industries, all the time, in some form or the other. It has been reported that in 2014 alone, there were more than 1,500 confirmed data infringements.

There is a great risk in failing to safeguard consumer or organisational data during file or PDF document transfers that can not only endanger the financial security of the company but can also put the organization at legal risk.  Although an organisation may have a robust online and general data security procedures in place to keep information safe from hackers, intruders and fraudsters, the aspect of document security is an entirely different situation.

IT staff members or programmers are able to keep an eye on how employees and authorised users access different levels of word files and PDF documents, through the medium of viewers that log information. However, outside the scope of a viewer, the level of a document’s security cannot be assured.  It is effortless to check who can observe the IT network with the right type and kind of security, but PDF documents are highly susceptible to attacks when these are sent to a number of people at one time.  In spite of it all, the organisation can face dreadful circumstances if the data is hacked, maliciously modified, or manipulated even with the presence of a secure and sturdy network.

Safeguarding PDF documents against theft and misuse

Fortunately, there are various ways through which one can add layers of security to one’s PDF files and documents.  Here are some ways in which you can safeguard PDF documents from illegal exposure.

  • Establish a Secure PDF Viewer Solution.

A huge security exposure might take place when the IT department gives employees greater privileges for PDF documents and data files than needed. By establishing a secure viewer solution in the network, the creator of the document can ensure that access control settings are set in place and cannot be circumvented.  The authorised owner of the document can then set limits on who can redact, replicate, and publish the data file.  Once the correct access control settings are put in place, users who are authorized only to view a document will be able to do nothing more than just that.

  • Safeguard your file transfers.

Small and medium firms that have a workforce who spend a lot of time on the road generally transfer a substantial number of documents through data uploads that maybe unsecure.  One way of resolving this safety issue would be to incorporate HTML5 security into the organisation’s intranet for data file uploads.  Ensuring this integration can provide encryption to data files and PDF documents when they are in transit in order to ensure that the data is safe.

  • Use a PDF Security solution that uses DRM to control document usage.

By using a PDF DRM security solution you have far greater control over how your documents are used and they are always protected at rest and in transit. The most secure solutions don’t rely on PDF password protection but instead public key technology that is invisible to the user.  PDF DRM solutions either use their own Viewers or plugins to existing Viewers to control documents.  You should be aware however that plugins can be circumvented by other plugins.  PDF DRM solutions provide enhanced document controls beyond what is offered by simple PDF security programs, such as preventing screen grabbing, expiry, and revocation.


Irrespective of how a company functions, it is imperative to protect data at all costs.  PDF security can be ensured by engaging a strong and sophisticated document DRM security solution such as Locklizard.  Protect your business documents with Safeguard PDF Security no matter where they reside.