PDF Security for document protection


How Your Business Can Benefit from PDF Security

By on Jan 20, 2016 in PDF DRM

Almost every quarter, organisations across the globe stand to lose approximately between $1 billion and $200 billion from economic espionage.  It may be shocking to wonder why the vast range but the answer is even more alarming: over 75 percent of IT specialists across various firms are unaware of the kind of files, PDF documents, information etc. that leaves their...

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Is Your PDF Security Software Just Snake Oil?

By on Oct 19, 2009 in Adobe Security, PDF DRM, PDF protection

  Many vendors offer PDF security software to protect PDF documents.  Most PDF security software claims to be able to prevent coping and/or printing, or claims to be able to apply PDF security controls to prevent the document from being distributed across the Internet.  But have you ever asked yourself whether the PDF security software you are purchasing really...

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Get Complete PDF DRM Control with LockLizard

By on Sep 4, 2009 in PDF DRM, PDF protection

  For the best PDF DRM controls, turn to LockLizard Safeguard PDF DRM software.  LockLizard’s PDF DRM software is easy to use and perfect for any company who publishes high value or confidential information in PDF format.  No matter if your PDFs are for sale or for internal use, you will benefit from the PDF DRM features of Lizard Safeguard. If you need more...

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