PDF Security for document protection

Get Complete PDF DRM Control with LockLizard

For the best PDF DRM controls, turn to LockLizard Safeguard PDF DRM software.  LockLizard’s PDF DRM software is easy to use and perfect for any company who publishes high value or confidential information in PDF format.  No matter if your PDFs are for sale or for internal use, you will benefit from the PDF DRM features of Lizard Safeguard.

If you need more than simple password protection for your PDF files, then LockLizard PDF DRM software is for you.  With LockLizard PDF DRM software, no passwords are required.  The days of establishing, sending and managing passwords are over with LockLizard PDF DRM software.  With Lizard Safeguard PDF DRM software, you control who views and/or prints your documents, for how long and how many times.  Complete control is always in your hands with LockLizard‘s PDF DRM software.

Other PDF DRM features in LockLizard’s PDF DRM software include control over all aspects of viewing.  This includes how many times a PDF can be viewed, if it can be shared, modified or saved.  In addition to these PDF DRM controls, you control all aspects of printing from how many times to where files can be printed.  Screen grabs and print screens are also prevented with LockLizard PDF DRM software.

Not only does LockLizard PDF DRM software give you complete control over general file access, you can also expire and revoke content.  You can therefore ensure only the most up to date documents are used and that subscription content is always paid for.  LockLizard’s PDF DRM software also supports dynamic water marks (user name, email address, date/time) which can be applied during the viewing and/or printing of your files.

We are certain that you will not find a more robust, easy to use and cost effective PDF DRM software than LockLizard’s Lizard Safeguard.  To learn more about PDF DRM, call LockLizard offices at (800) 707-4492.