PDF Security for document protection

Why Locklizard for PDF Security? – strong security for PDF files

Locklizard vs Competitors

Locklizard has been providing the most effective PDF DRM security software for the last 17 years.  As leaders in the field, Locklizard has contributed to product innovation when delivering PDF security, introducing controls to resist screen grabbing and to prevent printing to ‘file drivers’ instead of real printers at one level, and a highly sophisticated approach to the use of watermarking technology at the other.

Innovation continues today with a wide range of secure PDF viewer options that allow publishers to define the trade-off they want between security functionality on the one hand, and ease of use on the other.  This allows you to manage everything from documents only for use on internal networks to documents that can be secured on BYOD devices that are on foreign or even competitor systems, or even locked on USB drives.

Locklizard PDF security is the system of choice for leading global corporations, for training companies, medical groups and high value document publishers, as well as government agencies.  The partial list of customers and the extensive list of testimonials shows Locklizard are selected by a highly expert and very experienced customer base who are all able to achieve their own specific requirements from the PDF security packages we deliver.

Locklizard provide PDF security systems that are the most complete in their ability to secure PDF files – using the US NIST approved algorithm AES-256 to create the encrypted files that are at rest on the desktop, or in transmission from your server to the recipient.  There are currently no known attacks against this algorithm.  So you can remain confident that only people licensed to use your documents, wherever they are, can use them, and then only on the device that has been licensed.

Many PDF security systems rely on sending users passwords to control access to documents and to secure PDF content.  This was the method originally provided by Adobe.  Famously, Elcomsoft, back in 2001 demonstrated that approach was both weak and easily bypassed.  So we do not use passwords (that can also be easily given away or broken).

We also do not use plug-ins or JavaScript in our free-standing Viewers because they can seriously compromise your PDF security system.  Plug-ins can be intercepted or disabled by other plug-ins (effectively turning off the PDF security controls), and may also cause serious problems if they conflict with other plug-ins you are already running.  Enabling JavaScript in your system may also allow other untrusted scripts to run, and in many corporate environments it is forbidden.

Our DRM and PDF security software may be used to protect the widest range of documents used in today’s business environment.  You may secure PDF documents, eBooks, eLearning/training courses (with different levels of protection for each component of the course materials), reports, board minutes, M&A documents, items of disclosure, etc. with our digital rights management software.

Controlling electronic copyright has never been easier with Locklizard PDF security products – in less than 5 minutes you can have a full system installed and ready to go.  Just right-click on the document(s) you want to protect and in a couple of minutes you will have a PDF DRM protected document to your exact specification.

If you need advice on specific approaches to securing PDF files or best practice, our sales and support departments are readily available to help you.  Start on the road to complete PDF security, by getting your FREE 15 day trial of Locklizard Safeguard today.