PDF Security for document protection

PDF Protection is Quick and Easy with LockLizard

There are few things more frustrating than getting new software that takes weeks to fully understand and use.  If you are in need of PDF protection software that can be quickly installed and easily used, LockLizard Safeguard software is for you.  Our PDF protection software has been specially designed so that non-security experts can easily use it.

With LockLizard Safeguard PDF protection software, you get a robust and fully customizable software package.  Unlike other PDF protection packages, our software can be installed and used in just minutes.  With LockLizard PDF protection software you have two hosting options.  You can choose to self host the PDF protection software; meaning the software would be stored internally.  Or you can opt to use our fully hosted server option; which allows you to upload account information to our servers.  Regardless of which method you choose, your PDF files are always stored on your local computer.  We never have access to your original or protected PDF files.  With both hosting options, you are ready to start using our PDF protection software within five minutes. 

Our Safeguard PDF protection software also comes with the ability to use watermarks for additional security.  Our PDF protection software allows for the watermark to include both text and images. Your PDF protection watermark can be customized with your company name, logo and any additional messages that you desire.   The PDF protection watermark can also be used dynamically to apply information such as user names, email addresses, viewing and printing date and time stamps.

LockLizard PDF protection software does not limit the number of files that can be protected.  Nor does our PDF protection software limit the number of viewers of any PDF file.  We want to provide the most robust, easy to use PDF protection product on the market today, and applying those limits just doesn’t cut it for us.

For more information on our PDF protection software, call LockLizard at 800-707-4492.