PDF Security for document protection

What is the Best Way to Protect PDF Files?

For those publishing to the web, making sure that they adequately protect PDF files is a necessity.  But how do you know what constitutes “adequate protection?”  While this answer can vary depending on the type of information being published, the short answer is that to protect PDF files you need to be able to control for a variety of activities.

At its most basic level, to protect PDF files, you should be able to protect your PDF files from unauthorized viewing, sharing, modifying, copying and printing.  By controlling each of these activities, you ensure that you can protect your PDF files from being used against your wishes.  For example, if you sell an eBook you want to protect the PDF file from being shared by the purchaser.  If you protect your PDF file from being shared, you are ensuring that you are getting the full revenue potential for your work.  To protect your PDF from being shared, you need to prevent it from being printed more than the amount of times you determine is acceptable.  To protect your PDF file, you also need to control the ability to send the document to an unauthorized third party.

To protect PDF files you need a robust software package that is designed to allow you to retain control over your intellectual property.  LockLizard Safeguard is the software package you need to protect your PDF files.  Our Safeguard software has been designed to protect PDF files with the needs of eBook, eLearning and corporate publishers in mind.  To protect your hard work, trade secrets and other intellectually property, you need to ensure that you protect your PDF files.  By ensuring that you protect your PDF files, you are enabling your company to expand into new markets, control distribution of information and grow revenue streams.

If you need to protect PDF files, you need to explore the many benefits of LockLizard Safeguard software.  To learn the many ways Safeguard allows you to protect PDF files, call LockLizard at 800-707-4492.