PDF Security for document protection

Why PDF Security is Important for Internal Use and for Document Publication

From internal PDF security, to PDF security for both small and large publishers, LockLizard is known throughout the digital rights management (DRM) industry as the PDF security leader.  Our team of security specialists has more than 40 years of DRM and security experience.  We strive to create PDF security products that are easy to use, cost effective and robust in features.  Let’s examine how we can help your business with their PDF security needs.


PDF Security for Internal Use

Don’t overlook the importance of ensuring PDF security for documents destined for internal use.  Our PDF security software will protect your company’s trade secrets, ensure compliance with governmental regulations and control use and distribution of information.  If you think of all the times that file access is restricted to certain individuals within an organization, it becomes apparent why internal PDF security is so vital.  With internal PDF security measures in place, the unintended sharing of information won’t jeopardize your company’s revenue stream or intellectual property.


PDF Security for Small Publishers

When your business is the selling of individual items such as eBooks, articles or an expert analysis, ensuring PDF security is essential.  For the small publisher, one who does not sell a regular subscription to information, PDF security allows for the control of information and ensures compliance with copyright laws.  Don’t let your hard work be wasted, control access and rights to your intellectual property with proper PDF security.


PDF Security for Large Publishers

As opposed to the small publisher, a large publisher is one who publishes on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) and whose information comes via a subscription.  PDF security is essential for large publishers because it enables them to ensure that their files are easily read upon receipt without additional registration requirements.  Our PDF security software is designed for subscription services and comes with a choice of server hosting options.

PDF security provides a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes.  Let LockLizard show you how PDF security can benefit your business by calling 800-707-4492.