PDF Security for document protection

Why is PDF Security Essential?

PDF security is essential to any company that distributes information in PDF files.  With the advent of advanced technology, the need for additional security measures has increased.  As PDF security has increased, so has the ability to circumvent those PDF security measures.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that basic PDF security measures are sufficient for keeping your files secure.  Just Google “PDF security” and you will find as many links for companies selling PDF security software, as links to those selling software to disable PDF security.  Making sure that the PDF security measures activated in your files remain intact is essential to being able to guarantee the security of your documents.  Advanced PDF security measures will also ensure your company is in compliance with various regulatory guidelines.

Removing the standard PDF security included in a basic PDF software package is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.  If your organization is serious about the security of your PDF’s, the addition of specialized security software is a must. If you are considering purchasing PDF security software, look for software packages with these features.

Essential PDF security Features

  • Protection from unauthorized viewing, sharing, copying, modifying, saving, printing and screen  grabbing
  • Control of who can open files and how often
  • Control over printing capabilities, including the number of times the file can be printed.
  • Ability to revoke access to the file if unauthorized use is detected
  • Ability to expire and renew access to files with subscriptions
  • Ability to add watermarks to the viewing and printing of files

If the PDF security package you purchase for your company has these components, you are well on your way to ensuring the security of your PDF files.