PDF Security for document protection

What is PDF Security?

Today all companies are worried about security.  Securing data and electronic files is vitally important in today’s high tech marketplace.  You may have heard of PDF security, wondered what PDF security is and if you need it.  Let’s examine what PDF security is and why it is beneficial to your company.

PDF security includes the ability to control various functions of any PDF document.  Depending on the PDF security controls that you use, you will be able to control any or all of the following:

  • Who can open a document and how many times it can be opened
  • The ability to share a document
  • The addition of watermarks to both the viewing and printing of documents
  • The ability to print, including how often and how many copies
  • The addition of password controls
  • The ability to authorize or prevent screen grabs

Of course, the type of PDF security you enable depends on the information in the document.  If you are sending corporate financial information or employee records, PDF security is vitally important.  If you are publishing proprietary work, PDF security will be necessary to ensure you maintain control of the information in the document.

When you purchase PDF software, you do get some PDF security features.  However, getting around the PDF security that is included in basic software packages is relatively easy.  You can even search the internet for “PDF security” and find software designed to disable the PDF security features included in standard PDF software packages.

If your company is serious about PDF security issues, you need to enlist the assistance of a company like PDFSecurity.org.  As specialists in PDF security, and other DRM management tools, PDFSecurity.org is a resource for companies interested in PDF security software.  You can contact PDFSecurity.org via our website, www.pdfsecurity.org.