PDF Security for document protection

Tips for Establishing PDF Security

For those publishing content to the web, PDF security is an issue that simply will not go away.  In order to protect intellectual property from being copied, shared or used without consent, establishing basic PDF security procedures is essential.  However, knowing how to set up PDF security features and when to enable them can be confusing.   Here are some basic tips for establishing control and managing access to your PDF files.

If you intend to maintain ownership of the documents you are posting to the web or sending via email, PDF security should be activated.  Proper PDF security will enable you to maintain control of a variety of features including:

  • Printing of files
  • Copying of files
  • Sharing of files

If you plan on selling intellectual property via the web, establishing PDF security rules is essential to maintaining control of those files and ensuring that others are not getting access to proprietary information without paying for the rights to it.  With quality PDF security software, you will have the ability to expire access to documents, request subscription renewals and establish watermarks within the document.

When you are deciding what type of PDF security controls to activate, consider the audience of the files you are sending.  Internal and external audiences may require different PDF security controls.  If you are sending files that contain information to be shared with co-workers or clients, your PDF security controls will be different than if you are selling your eBook on the web.

The key to making PDF security work is acquiring software that has a multitude of capabilities so that you are able to meet all of your PDF security needs.