PDF Security for document protection

What Should I Look for in Software to Secure PDF Files?

Searching for software to secure PDF files is a bit confusing.  Searching the web yields links not only for software that helps to secure PDF files, but also software designed to disable or remove the security installed.  There are few things more frustrating than trying to find software that you can trust to secure PDF files.  At LockLizard, we understand this frustration, and have developed our Safeguard software to secure PDF files to address this concern.  As one of the most trusted software programs to secure PDF files, we are certain that we can provide all the tools you need to ensure that your PDF files remain securely in your control.

If you are evaluating software programs to secure PDF files, consider these points. 

  • Controlling the viewing, copying, sharing, modifying and printing is essential to knowing that you have a secure PDF file.
  • Your secure PDF file software should give you the ability to control where files are printed (to file, PDF or image printers), as well as how many times secure PDF files are printed.
  • Your secure PDF file software should be able to prevent unauthorized screen grabbing and printing of screens.
  • Secure PDF file software should allow you to expire document access and/or revoke access if unauthorized use is detected.
  • The use of watermarks should be available to secure your PDF files.

These are all features that any software package designed to secure PDF files should contain.  If the software package you are evaluating does not contain all of these features, it is not the best software to secure your PDF files.  When you purchase LockLizard’s Safeguard software to secure PDF files, you get all of these features in an easy to use program that is installed in only 5 minutes.

To learn more about how LockLizard Safeguard software will secure your PDF files, call 800-707-4492.