PDF Security for document protection

PDF and Security go Hand in Hand with LockLizard

PDF and security are sometimes overlooked in the rush of daily work responsibilities, but PDF and security should be at the top of your list.  Some people assume that the PDF and security measures that are included in Acrobat are sufficient.  However, they are simple to bypass using free web based tools.  This is where LockLizard comes in to play.  LockLizard is focused on providing PDF and security solutions for companies around the world.

If you are concerned about your PDFs and the security of your files, you need to investigate the PDF and security controls offered by LockLizard digital rights management (DRM) software.   With Lizard Safeguard software, you can protect PDF files and ensure security no matter where files reside.  LockLizard PDF and security software protects your files from unauthorized viewing, copying, modifying, sharing and saving.  The number of prints available and where those files can be printed are also controlled by LockLizard PDF and security software.  Controlling screen grabs and print screen options is an integral part of LockLizard PDF and security software.

With PDF and security software you can control all aspects of file accessibility.  Instantly revoke access and enforce document retention periods easily with LockLizard PDF and security software.  You can also use watermarks to secure your PDF files.  Lizard Safeguard allows for watermarks to be used on screen, and/or in print, and supports a dynamic format which tags each file with the authorized user’s name and email address.

LockLizard PDF and security software is available for internal, small or large publisher use.  For easy to use and fully customizable PDF and security software, you can do no better than Lizard Safeguard from LockLizard.

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