PDF Security for document protection

PDF Security Features from LockLizard

You have been searching all over for the best PDF security software.  At LockLizard, we know that our Lizard Safeguard PDF security software is the best.  Here are some of the superior features of our PDF security software.

  • PDF Security Control 
    With Lizard Safeguard, files are protected from viewing, copying, saving, printing, modifying and screen grabs.  Other PDF security features include control of print format and number of printings available.  Document expiration, user and document revocation and the number of document views are also under your control with our PDF security software.

  • Easy to Use 
    Our PDF security software is easy to use and requires only 5 minutes for set up.  With our PDF security software, offline and online access management is in place so your customers can view protected documents without being online.  Our PDF security software allows you to protect files with just a click of the mouse.

  • Branding 
    Use our PDF security software to enhance your company’s brand.  You can control the appearance of your PDF files by using our PDF security software to reinforce the format preferred by your company.  Customizable messages, watermarks and document splash screens are also available with our PDF security software.

  • PDF Protection 
    With Lizard Safeguard software the AES 256 bit encryption will give your files bullet proof protection.  Our PDF security software does not use insecure plug-ins or passwords and provides complete control both inside and outside the firewall.  Lizard Safeguard ensures that only you host and distribute protected PDF documents for complete security.

If these features sound appealing to you, then you need to investigate the options available with our PDF security software.  You won’t find a more robust easy to use PDF security system than Lizard Safeguard.

To learn more about PDF security, call our offices at (800) 707-4492.