PDF Security for document protection

LockLizard Specializes in PDF Protect Software

To protect PDF files from unauthorized usage get Lizard Safeguard software from LockLizard.  LockLizard’s Lizard Safeguard software uses complete digital rights management (DRM) controls to protect PDF files.  This fully customizable, software package is used by companies such as Cisco, AMD and Noritsu to protect their PDF files.  PDF protection features of the Lizard Safeguard software include:

  • Document Security 
    Total document security is part of any PDF protection system.  With Lizard Safeguard, PDF protection is ensured by using AES 256 bit encryption.  Public key technology and DRM controls are used to protect your PDF files.  No passwords are ever used with LockLizard PDF protect software.

  • Complete DRM Controls 
    From viewing to sharing and copying to modifying, you can protect your PDF files with Lizard Safeguard software.  All aspects of DRM protection for PDF files are included.  You control who views your documents, for how long and what they can do with them when you purchase PDF protection from LockLizard.

  • Easy to Use 
    As with all of LockLizard DRM software packages, our PDF protect software is user friendly.  We strive to provide programs that are easy to install and quick to access.  With just a few minutes and the simple click of the mouse your PDF files will be secure with LockLizard.

  • Watermarks 
    Lizard Safeguard includes the ability to add watermarks as a copy deterrent to protect your PDF files.  Options to protect PDFs include adding text and image watermarks to the viewing and printing of documents and moiré watermarks to prevent OCR scanning of documents. Dynamic watermarks can be used to identify each copy with the user’s name and email address.  Watermarks can also be customized to integrate with your company’s brand image.

These features are just the beginning of the list of benefits that come with Lizard Safeguard.  To learn more about PDF protection, call our offices at (800) 707-4492.