PDF Security for document protection

LockLizard Offers Complete PDF Copy Protection with Lizard Safeguard

PDF copy protection is an important feature for any company that distributes PDFs for sale or with confidential internal information.  Ensuring that you have proper PDF copy protection is essential to securing your revenue streams and proprietary data.  PDF copy protection removes the risk of unauthorized users accessing your files and information.  The most robust and easy to use PDF copy protection software comes from LockLizard.

LockLizard is the PDF copy protection leader.  Founded by a group of IT security and digital rights management (DRM) specialists, LockLizard has developed PDF copy protection software that is easy to use and offers a range of security features that is unrivaled.  Lizard Safeguard is LockLizard’s superior PDF copy protection software package.  It offers a range of PDF copy protection options including protecting your files from unauthorized viewing, sharing, modifying and printing.  PDF copy protection with Lizard Safeguard also includes complete control over file access.  With LockLizard PDF copy protection software, you can control if a user or a document will expire.  Lizard Safeguard PDF copy protection software also gives you control over revoking access.  Watermarks can also be applied during the printing and/or viewing of documents with LockLizard PDF copy protection software.

This easy to use program can be installed in just minutes and requires no server configuration.  With a simple click of the mouse you can activate the PDF copy protection software and secure your PDF documents.  With ecommerce integration, a choice of hosting options and no limits on documents, publications or users, you simply will not find a better PDF copy protection package than that found with LockLizard’s Lizard Safeguard.

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