PDF Security for document protection

How to Decide What Type of PDF Security to Use

If you are in charge of PDF security for your business, finding and using the right PDF security measures is one of your jobs.  Determining which PDF security measures you need to activate will depend largely on the documents that you are distributing.  Use these simple tips to help you decide which type of PDF security measures you should enact.
Who will view the document?

The PDF security measures you enact will depend greatly on who is viewing the document you are sending.  If, for example, you are only sending the document to internal audiences, the PDF security measures you use may be different than if you were sending the file to external clients.
How is the file being sent?

The PDF security features you place on your file will vary based on the method of distribution.  Files posted to the web or intranet, sent via email or sent to outside clients or vendors will all call for different levels of PDF security.
What kind of information is contained in the file?

Depending on the level of information sensitivity, you may enable different levels of PDF security.  Even files being sent internally, that contain sensitive information such as social security numbers, need the highest levels of PDF security.  Carefully evaluate each file to be sure that you enable adequate PDF security levels.  When in question, opt for higher levels of PDF security.
How will the document be used by the end user?

Determining the level of PDF security enacted will also depend on how the file will be used.  Giving controls for printing, viewing, sharing and modifying are all part of the PDF security features you will need to consider.
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