PDF Security for document protection

Learn about Enhanced Adobe Security Features

Adobe originally created the PDF for the viewing, sharing and printing of documents.  As the usage and functionality of PDF files has changed, the introduction of enhanced Adobe security measures has been necessary.  Adobe security allows users to be certain that the files they are sharing are protected from unauthorized activities. 

Some of the tasks that we now routinely execute with PDF files require additional Adobe security measures.  Those tasks that require enhanced Adobe security measures include: 

  • Downloading PDF files
  • Inserting data into PDF files
  • Including access to external objects, such as images, that do not reside inside the PDF
  • Linking through a PDF to the web

With all of these tasks and others, enhanced Adobe security measures should be taken.  The enhanced Adobe security measures that have been developed should help to ensure that your files are secure at all times.

Adobe security has been developed so that the enhanced Adobe security measures can be activated prior to distribution of files.  There is also a way to activate Adobe security measures after files have already been sent.  This type of Adobe security is called “Post-deployment Configuration”. 

Figuring out and enabling the right Adobe security measures for your document will depend on how you intend the file to be shared and used.  For internal documents that hold a relatively low level of risk, the Adobe security measures enacted will be less than for documents sent to a large group of external clients with a significant level of risk.  Establishing a protocol for the type of Adobe security measures your organization will enact is a good idea.  Ensuring that all members of your organization are using the same type and level of Adobe security will help to limit the risk of unauthorized access to files. 

Visit the Adobe website at http://learn.adobe.com/wiki/download/attachments/52658564/Acrobat_EnhancedSecurity_9.x.pdf?version=1 to learn more about enhanced Adobe security features.